the success of canadian music 2

Since 1924, one band named The Royal Canadians has been formed by Guy Lombardo. And at this time, the Canadian music industry has started. In addition, in the 1950s, one famous singer named Paul Anka Ottawa also recorded his song “Diana”. This is the song which ranked number one among the songs in Canada in the past. Moreover, there are lots of beautiful songs throughout this year such as You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet or Theme from a Summer Place.

the success of canadian music

As you can recognize from the row above from left to right: Robert Charlebois, Rush, Sarah McLachlan (top); Celine Dion, Nelly Furtado, Sally Yeh, Neil Young.

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New Canadian Musical Genres

canada music

Every country has its own features such as music, film and art. Canadian music genres are also the same. The Canadian music is described as a particular aspect and people will find it very easy to distinguish among other music genres from different countries.

canada music

Nowadays, artists and music composers in Canada have the professional ability to create their own music. For example, Soca in Trinidad and Tobago, Souk in Martinique and Guadeloupe and other people. And in the modern time, there are a lot of music genres is established include rap, funk and blues.

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Justin Bieber in six second

Justin Bieber in six second 3

Justin Bieber in six second 1Since 2010, there is no younger singer than Justin Bieber can achieve the highest rate in Billboard 200. But with the existence of Shawn Mendes, this record is changed. At the age of 16, Shawn Mendes has won with his first album, Handwritten.

Shawn Mendes was born 8/8/1998 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Talent of Shawn Mendes is discovered in the late of 2013. Since then, he signed a contract with Island Records in 2014. His album has get the highest rank in iTunes just in 37 minutes on July, 2014.

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Simple Plan and its youth

Simple Plan and its youth 4

Simple Plan and its youth 1It can be seen that Simple Plan is one of the most famous music band in the world with over 7 million has been sold. This group is established in 1993 and it has suffered several changes. In 1999, its members are including Pierre Bouvier,  Jeff Stinco ,Sébastien Lefebvre, David Desrosiers, Chuck Comeau.

When being asked about the origin of band’s name, these man shares this name is named after the novel A Simple Plan of American writer Scott Smith. Simple Plan is the novel in which all members like best.

All members in Simple Plan feel lucky to meet each other. They have several experiences through years of performance. In their free time, they also go camping to relax without forgetting to bring the best family tent . They have considered other members as family members.

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Live for singing

Live for singing 2

Live for singing 1Being a pure artist without scandals, Alanis Morissette still hold the hearts of listeners by her beautiful voice even four year not appearing on the stage

Since a little girl, Alanis Morissette has sonly expressed her music talent, her career has a rapid growth when her album-Alains, which was published in 1991, helped her won the platinum and award of Most Promising Female Vocalist of the Year of Juno Award.

However, Alanis Morissette want to be more professional and she had moved to America to find out producers and collaborators in there. Luckily, she met producer-Glen Ballaed, who has cooperated with Micheal Jackson.

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Queen of Country Pop

Queen of Country Pop 2

Queen of Country Pop 1Singing country music is hard, wring country music songs is more difficult. However, Shania Twain can both sings and write songs. The number of female singers can do this is not many. Among these singers, Shania Twain is considered as the most famous singer.

Shania Twain was born August 28th, 1965. At the age of six, her mother married Jerry Twain- a ethnic person in Timmis, Ontario, Canada. Shania Twain begins sing in bar club and she appears in the Tommy Hunter Show when she was 13 years old.

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Avril Lavigne & her best songs

Avril Lavigne & her best songs 1

Avril Lavigne & her best songs 1This Canadian singer is being considered as “princess of school” thanks to exciting songs and unique

style, which attracts the youth over 10 years.

  • Complicated+ Sk8er Boi

In summer 2002, Avril Lavigne continually publishes her second single – Sk8er Boi –with the style that is more mutinous than in Complicated. Since then, she becomes a new idol of the youth officially.In 2002, when there are so much performances of Teenpop princess with the love songs and boring styles, Avril Lavigne appears as a new wind through the existence of her first single- Complicated. With naughty and unique style of performance, the 17 –year- old Canadian singer has put her feet in the hearts of a huge number of fans in around the world.

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Music of Canada

Music of Canada 4

Music of Canada 1“Where words leave off, music begins”  (Heinrich Heine). The power of music cannot be denied. It overcomes all the differences of culture, language, religion. It heals the world. Music of the world is growing fast with variety of performance styles and music trends.

In which, music of Canada is highly appreciated around the world. Whatever you want to listen, you can find it in the concerts, radio, broadcasting and festivals. The CD of famous Canadian singers is being sold popularly.

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Career highlights of Justin Bieber

Career highlights of Justin Bieber 1
Being one of the most famous Canadian singers, songwriters and actors, Justin Bieber has the great number of fans in Canada and all around the world thanks to his talent, his ability of playing instruments and skillful performance.

Justin Bieber is first discovered by Scooter Braun by accident. Impressed by his talent, Scooter Braun had signed a contract with him. Since then, Justin Bieber proves himself step by step through professional songs on top of music ranking list.

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