Justin Bieber in six second

Justin Bieber in six second 3

Justin Bieber in six second 1Since 2010, there is no younger singer than Justin Bieber can achieve the highest rate in Billboard 200. But with the existence of Shawn Mendes, this record is changed. At the age of 16, Shawn Mendes has won with his first album, Handwritten.

Shawn Mendes was born 8/8/1998 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Talent of Shawn Mendes is discovered in the late of 2013. Since then, he signed a contract with Island Records in 2014. His album has get the highest rank in iTunes just in 37 minutes on July, 2014.

This Canadian singer has sold more than 119.000 CD in the first week. Shawn Mendes shared that this success is the combination of hardworking and lucky.

Justin Bieber in six second 2

Since Shawn Mendes has posted his record on Vine, he received the concern of many fans so he continually posts and chats with his fans. He thinks it’s so important to maintain relationship with fans, media, concert or new songs because finally, fans are the real factor help his dream comes true.

Manager of Shawn Mendes, Andrew Gertler also said that the regular communication and connection of Shawn Mendes through media is the strong foundation for his success road.

Shawn Mendes post his first video on Vince in the autumn 2013. Now the number of following people is more than 3.9 million.

Justin Bieber in six second 3

On August 2013, Shawn Mendes post a six second video when he sings “As long as you love me” of Justin Bieber. Only one night after, his video received 10.000 Like.

Shawn Mendes is considered as “Justin Bieber in six second”. This success also reminds about Youtube phenomenon of Justin Bieber.At that time, Shawn Mendes knows the role of media. It can create a new world.

Now, each video of Shawn Mendes has more than 1 million reviewers. Nevertheless, the producer of Shawn Mendes emphasizes that Shawn Mendes is not just a singer who change life thanks to media.

Thanks to Vine, he proves his talent and builds his fans. It is wonderful. However the message here is Shawn Mendes is the real star for his efforts and contributions.

In 2014, Shawn Mendes has won the award of Teen Choice Awards in Choice Web Star: Music. In 2015, Shawn Mendes has won Vine Musician for the Shorty Awards. He is also nominated in several awards.

Mendes also joined in a nationwide tour with Austine Mahone in 2014. In 2015, he announced the news of his fist headlining tour. After that, he joins in “1989 world tour” of Taylor Swift– a singer which has won GRAMMY seven times.

In spite of being a famous teen singer, Shawn Mendes is still friendly with everyone. Shawn Mendes can also use technological and office machines such as the best paper shredder, printer…without the assistance of anyone.

Now Shawn Mendes is a bright star. With this strong determination and passion of music, he will be one of the brightest stars in the music sky in the near future.



Simple Plan and its youth

Simple Plan and its youth 4

Simple Plan and its youth 1It can be seen that Simple Plan is one of the most famous music band in the world with over 7 million has been sold. This group is established in 1993 and it has suffered several changes. In 1999, its members are including Pierre Bouvier,  Jeff Stinco ,Sébastien Lefebvre, David Desrosiers, Chuck Comeau.

When being asked about the origin of band’s name, these man shares this name is named after the novel A Simple Plan of American writer Scott Smith. Simple Plan is the novel in which all members like best.

The talent of Simple Plan is gradually proved through a series of award of MTV Music Awards and Teen Choice. The youth in music and the unique in performance bring them close to everyone, especially teenagers.

Simple Plan and its youth 2

With the first single I’m just a kid, this band creates a hot trend. Teenagers are being attracted with the image of 5 members in this video. In this, all 5 member are trying to conquer a hot girl in school but after all interesting and silly thing they do, this hot girl decides have a date with another man.

The two next singles are I’d do anything and Addicted. They continually prove their position on the Canadian, Australian and American music market. They are being compared to other famous representatives such as Avril Lavigne, Good Charlotte or Blink 182

Simple Plan and its youth 3

The fourth single is Perfect. This single style is considered to be more mature. Its lyric is about the pain and deadlock in life. But in the next 3 single, they come back with their original style. Don’t wanna think about you, Welcome to my life and Shut up are make teenagers around the world crazy.

However, this band decided to change their style one more time. In Untitled (How could this happen to me), these men sing in a sweet way without noisy as before. Since then, these men make people believe that they are mature enough to sing in this way. They choose topic relating to social affairs such as homeless, disease, discrimination.

Until now, they have more than 16 single. Although their appearances are not young as a 17 –year-old boy, their heartbeat for music is still young and young forever. They are trying to bring new single for fans around the world with their best efforts.

One interesting and admirable thing of this group is they always do a lot of work for charity. They has created Simple Plan fund with the aim of raising money for charity. On December 2005, their fund has reached 100 000 USD.

Simple Plan and its youth 4

Simple Plan uses this fund to help children with difficulty or heavy diseases. They also use the income from the single Save you for contributing charity organization for preventing cancer. On February 2011, Simple Plan also support for Japanese victims in the earthquake.

Chuck Comeau- a band member shared that in their music career, they always keep in mind that they are happy and useful when they can help more and more people and do significant things for society.

All members in Simple Plan feel lucky to meet each other. They have several experiences through years of performance. In their free time, they also go camping to relax without forgetting to bring the best family tent . They have considered other members as family members.

Live for singing

Live for singing 2

Live for singing 1Being a pure artist without scandals, Alanis Morissette still hold the hearts of listeners by her beautiful voice even four year not appearing on the stage

Since a little girl, Alanis Morissette has sonly expressed her music talent, her career has a rapid growth when her album-Alains, which was published in 1991, helped her won the platinum and award of Most Promising Female Vocalist of the Year of Juno Award.

However, Alanis Morissette want to be more professional and she had moved to America to find out producers and collaborators in there. Luckily, she met producer-Glen Ballaed, who has cooperated with Micheal Jackson.

With the support of Glen, Alanis Morissette showed her talent with album of Jagged Little Pill. This immediately caused a new wind in the international music market. This album was sold out with 33 million CD and went platinum.

The songs in this album such as You Oughta Know, Hand in My Pocket,All I Really Want, Ironic…helps her always on the top ten of board in the next two years and gained award of Album of the year (1996). She became the symbol of alternative rock music.

However, because of her health conditions, she has to put off her singing career. Until 2 year later, she returns music market with the help of her real passion-music. She recovers her diseases and returns the existence of Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie.

Live for singing 2

Next, Alain Morissette creates a breakthrough with album Under Rug Swept and her single- Hands Clean  has sold 1million CD in America and gained the platinum in Canada.

If the British prove about Adele, the Canadian prove about Alanis, because they are singers who conquer the hearts of listeners by their own music. They had won several music awards in the level of worldwide. Alain Morissette has won 16 Juno Awards and seven Grammy Awards, was nominated for two Golden Globe Awards.

“Sometimes, I want to change my performance style to be more charming but I cannot because I know that is not suitable for me. I have tried to dance with a dance group and that time, I feel uncomfortable. It seems like strange person, not me, not Alain Morissette. Each singer has his own characters and freatures.” Alain Morissette shares in an honest way.

Live for singing 3

Now, at the age of 38, Alanis has been living with her warming family with her husband, Souleye Rapper and a littile son. Alanis is very happy because all members of her family always besides her and gives her energy and motivation to live with her passion.

Showing maturity of talent, Alain Morissette publishes her eighth album– Havoc and Bright Lights on August 28, 2012. This album expresses the internal feelings and haunts of modern women, the thoughts about lives especially the emotion in the morning that makes her feel energetic and thankful. Some famous songs are Guardian, Celebrity, Empathy, Lens, Spiral, Numb, Havoc,Win and Win, Receive, Edge of Evolution.


Queen of Country Pop

Queen of Country Pop 2

Queen of Country Pop 1Singing country music is hard, wring country music songs is more difficult. However, Shania Twain can both sings and write songs. The number of female singers can do this is not many. Among these singers, Shania Twain is considered as the most famous singer.

Shania Twain was born August 28th, 1965. At the age of six, her mother married Jerry Twain- a ethnic person in Timmis, Ontario, Canada. Shania Twain begins sing in bar club and she appears in the Tommy Hunter Show when she was 13 years old.

At the age of 22, a terrible accident comes to her family. Both her mother and her father had died in that car accident. Since that time, Shania Twain becomes sponsor for her younger sister and two younger brothers.

Queen of Country Pop 2

Because of the family burden, Shania Twain has to put off her singing career in order to care for her family. In 1991, she signs a contract with Mercury Nashville. Her first album does not cause a great attention but the second album, which cooperated with Robert John Lange, has brought fame for her. It creates a new record that has not had before in country music.

In 1993, Shania Twain married Robert John Lange. Together with her talent and the support from her husband, Shania has gained several achievements on the music way. She has received more than 187 music awards.

In 1995, she has won awards of Female Video Artist of the year, Female Vocalist of the year, Single of the year, Best female artist… In 1996, she has won awards Country Album of the year, Outstanding Music Achievement, Country Artist of the year, Songwriter of the year…

In 1997, Shania Twain has received American Music Awards for Favorite Female Country Artist, Juno Awards for Country Female Vocalist of the Year and Juno International Achievement Award… In 1998 she has got the best-selling Country Single…The number of awards of Shania Twain is constantly increasing.

Queen of Country Pop 3

Her career is developing significantly but her happy is not remained. After 17 years of marriage; they decided divorce because her husband had affair with her best friend, Marie-Anne Thiébaud.

On January 1st, 2010 Shania Twain married to Frédéric Thiébaud- ex-husband of  Marie-Anne Thiébaud. This seems to be unbelievable thing but they have found a happy -ending. They had shared the pain and encouraged each other to overcome shock and sorrow; hence, their friendship turns into love.

In 2015, Shania Twain holds a tour Rock This Country from 5th June to 23rd August in Fresno. This is also the last tour of Shania Twain. She wants to have more time with her husband and her son. Shania Twain often spends her free time with family. She often cooks meal by the best induction cooktop to saving time.

For her fans, they always hope her second marriage will not get into trouble. They wishes their idol- queen of country pop will be happy after all pain and sorrow. Indefinitely, they also wait for her last tour.

Avril Lavigne & her best songs

Avril Lavigne & her best songs 1

Avril Lavigne & her best songs 1This Canadian singer is being considered as “princess of school” thanks to exciting songs and unique

style, which attracts the youth over 10 years.

  • Complicated+ Sk8er Boi

In summer 2002, Avril Lavigne continually publishes her second single – Sk8er Boi –with the style that is more mutinous than in Complicated. Since then, she becomes a new idol of the youth officially.In 2002, when there are so much performances of Teenpop princess with the love songs and boring styles, Avril Lavigne appears as a new wind through the existence of her first single- Complicated. With naughty and unique style of performance, the 17 –year- old Canadian singer has put her feet in the hearts of a huge number of fans in around the world.

  • I’m with You+ My Happy Ending + He Wasn’t

In 2004, My happy ending becomes an outstanding single in the second album of Under my skin. With strong style and Alternative Rock, Avril Lavigne expresses accurately what a girl must face up, from a pure love to hot love issues.In the third single, I’m with You, Avril Lavigne creates a surprise when her style becomes more gentle, feminine. Her song lyrics are the share of a girl with a broken heart. She was nominated for two Grammy Awards, including Song of the Year and Best Female Pop Vocal Performance for I’m with you.

Avril Lavigne & her best songs 2

Also in album Under my skin, He wasn’t is a strong declaration of Avril about the love. This song talks about a relation of a girl whose her boyfriend always treats her badly. Avril encourages girl in the same situation become braver and more active in any relationships.

  • Girlfriend

Still maintaining style of Pop Punk, Girlfriend is special single in the third album The best Damn Thing in 2007. MV is set as a short film in which Avril can show her acting ability through many characters. The number of people that listening this song reaches 100 million on Youtube.

  • What the Hell

Here’s to Never Growing Up
+ Rock N Roll After 2-year- divorce with the first husband- Deryck Whibley , Avril comes back with her 4th album, Goodbye Lullaby in which What the hell is the outstanding single. This single has existed in several top music board in America, Europe and Asia.
In the next single- Rock N Roll, Avril still declare her unique style that cannot be replaced by any singers. Those who had seen Complicated can easily recognize that her style and her appearance have not changed anymore.In 2012, Avril Lavigne married Chad Kroeger. A year later, Canadian singer publishes her 5th album. This album is named by her own name, Avril Lavigne. Her first single is Here’s to Never Growing Up which emphasizes her youth.

Avril Lavigne & her best songs 3
In the newest single with the name of Let me go, Avril becomes more loving, sweet and charming when singing with her current husband. After a decade of contribution for music, Avril is still a princess of school.

The 10 most agile fingers to have emerged from Quebec

The 10 most agile fingers to have emerged from Quebec 2

The 10 most agile fingers to have emerged from Quebec 1Alain Lefèvre (23/7/1962) is a Canadian pianist and composer. He learns how to play piano at the age of four through the help of his father- a clarinetist. When he is five years old, he goes to the College Marguerite-Bourgeoys at Montreal, Canada and since then, he proves his talent quickly.

At the age of six, he won the first prize in the music competition of Canada. Three years later, he won the first prize in the Heintzman Piano Competition. His name appears on a series of Montreal Star’s news. He is predicted as “Star of tomorrow”.

Alain Lefèvre has received several invitations of participating in symphony orchestra in which there are Royal Philharmonic Orchestra in London, the China Philharmonic Orchestra, the Malaysian Philharmonic in Kuala Lumpur, the SWR in Stuttgart..

On November 2007, Alain Lefèvre is granted “Chevalier de l’Ordre de la Pléiade” to honor his contribution in the artist field.

The 10 most agile fingers to have emerged from Quebec 2

Besides the first prize of classical music on the website Classicstoday.com, Alain Lefèvre has also won 5 Felix Award (2001-2007) in which the best award is Award for newest CD (Rhapsodies) which was cooperated with Montreal Symphony orchestra.

Since the publish time of CD, this CD becomes one of the best seller of classical album in Canada. Musical magazine evaluates this is the CD that listeners must have to enjoy the passion and excitement of Lefèvre.

When Alain Lefèvre is not on stage, he focuses on musical composing. He shares that music comes to me in an unpredictable way. Music makes him feel all kinds of emotions from worry, sorrow, upset, unhappy to dream, belief, happy.

The 10 most agile fingers to have emerged from Quebec 3

Up to now, Alain Lefèvre has seven album of his own artistic work. His ideas may come from the worldwide journey. The melody may appear in his mind through a new metting, an emotion of winner of the deep sorrow. In 2008, he won André Gagnon Award, Professional Society of Authors and Composers of Québec.

He also a leader of a radio broadcast lasting 2 hours every Sunday with the aim of introduction about the classical music to people, especially the youth. In the 3 years, he was elected to be the Artistic Ambassador of the Lanaudière International Festival.

Be honored as a “spectacular pianist”, a “smashing performer”, a “genial talent” and as “the 10 most agile fingers to have emerged from Quebec”, Alain Lefèvre is well known all around the world.

He has performed more than thirty countries for carrying out his mission as an Artistic Ambassador. He puts many efforts in introducing and inspiring his passion to thousands of student. Alain Lefèvre often performs his best famous artistic works such as Dis-moi tout, Un ange passe, Balalaika, Vingt ans hay Petite mere.

Alain Lefèvre also cares the children, especially who meeting the difficulty and disability. He has visited more than 300.000 children and performed the art of piano for their children. He wants to bring the hope, beauty and love into their minds.

Music of Canada

Music of Canada 4

Music of Canada 1“Where words leave off, music begins”  (Heinrich Heine). The power of music cannot be denied. It overcomes all the differences of culture, language, religion. It heals the world. Music of the world is growing fast with variety of performance styles and music trends.

In which, music of Canada is highly appreciated around the world. Whatever you want to listen, you can find it in the concerts, radio, broadcasting and festivals. The CD of famous Canadian singers is being sold popularly.

Canadian loves country music, jazz, classical music and rock music. Music from different culture such as effervescent songs of Jamaican, rap songs of African American, Celtic songs or Japanese songs is very popular in Canada.

Music of Canada 2


In recent decades, several Canadian singers have get success over the world, this help Canada becomes a center of contemporary world music.

From 50s of century 20, when Paul Anka singer put his foot into US music market, Canada has a number of talented singers such as Gordon Lightfoot, Joni Mitchell, Neil Young, The Band, Bryam Adams. These singers used to existence on the top of favorite song list and had music tour on the world.

Music of Canada 3

Lately, Calion Dion, Sarah McLachkan, Shania Twain, Alanis Morissette , Justin Bieber,…have proved agained the position of Canadian music as cradle of popularity music of the world.

There are two trends of Canadian singers: following the current trend of America to be well known or focusing on the development of reflecting the national character of Canada.

Since 1970, Canada government has supported their singers to follow the second trend. Thanks to proper policy, the domestic music market is growing and the Canadian singers do not leave their country to earn for living.

Music of Canada 4

Classical music plays an important role in the heart of Canadian. More and more composers are being found in Canada than before. In intelligentsia family, many family members can play musical instruments such as piano, violin.

However, the development and existence of classical music also face up with many difficulties. This is because of their financial conditions and the migration of people from other countries, which their own music does not develop.

Jazz develops very quickly and become an important role of Canadian music life. The well-known Canadian artists on the world are Moe Koffman, Lenny Breau, Ed Bickertand Sony Greenwich, Rob McConnell, Diana Krall, Francois Houle…

Although Jazz artists have performed frequently in America, Jazz in Canada is still exciting. Canada has many jazz festivals in which the jazz festival with lasting nearly 2 weeks in Montreal city.

Other kinds of music are popular in Canada, especially the country music. Celtic music comes from traditional music of Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Currently, Celtic music has great influence on Canadian lives and other kinds of music. The Celtic Colour festival, which annually held on October 9-17 in Cape Breton Island, is one of the biggest music festivals of Canada. The festival attracts hundreds of musicians from all over the world and ten of thousands visitors from over 24 countries.


Career highlights of Justin Bieber

Career highlights of Justin Bieber 1
Being one of the most famous Canadian singers, songwriters and actors, Justin Bieber has the great number of fans in Canada and all around the world thanks to his talent, his ability of playing instruments and skillful performance.

Justin Bieber is first discovered by Scooter Braun by accident. Impressed by his talent, Scooter Braun had signed a contract with him. Since then, Justin Bieber proves himself step by step through professional songs on top of music ranking list.

Within 2 years, from an unknown singer, Justin Bieber becomes an idol of millions of fan around the world. “Prince of Pop” is the nickname of Justin Bieber at that time.

Career highlights of Justin Bieber 2

Bieber’s first single, “One Time,” went certified platinum in his native Canada shortly after its release in May 2009.  After that, Bieber released his debut My World, in November 2009. His album My World matched that success, selling more than 137,000 copies within a week of hitting stores.

In January 2010, “Baby”, was released from his debut album, My World 2.0 that offered his growing fan base ten new songs. The song featured Ludacris, and became an international hit. It charted at number five on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100, peaked at number three on the Canadian Hot 100 and reached the top ten in several international markets.

Career highlights of Justin Bieber 3

Two singles “Never Let You Go”, and “U Smile” was top thirty hits on the U.S. Hot 100, and top twenty hits in Canada. According to review aggregator Metacritic, the album has received “generally favorable reviews”.

In late 2011, Bieber began recording his third studio album, entitled Believe. The following week, Bieber appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show to announce that the first single would be called “Boyfriend” and would be released on March 26, 2012.

“Boyfriend” became Bieber’s first single ever to reach the top position on the Canadian Hot 100 by debuting at number one and staying on for one week.

On October 3, 2013, Bieber announced that he would release a new song every Monday for 10 weeks as a lead-up to the film Justin Bieber’s Believe, which entered production in May 2012 and was released on December 25, 2013.In March 2015, Bieber made an appearance in the music video for Carly Rae Jepsen’s single “I Really Like You”.

Career highlights of Justin Bieber 4

For his efforts, Justin Bieber has gained several awards of the Billboard Music Awards, American Musics Awards, Grammy Awards, J-14 Teen Icon Awards…In 2010 he won the award of International Artist and Best Push Act…The number of award which Justin Bieber has received is more than 60 awards. It’s so amazing!

Currently, Justin Bieber is not only concerned because of his talent but also because of public image. Although it cannot be denied about his contribution to international music for his country and on the world, his relationship with other girls and his lifestyle causes variety of controversial issues. Therefore, besides the great fans, Justin Bieber is one of the singers that have great number of anti-fans.

Let’s music hold your hands

Let’s music hold your hands 1

Let’s music hold your hands 1If you want to find an amazing and unique place to listen music, do not hesitate to come to Canada. If you want to have a new experience of joining in the festival and singing with people with different kinds, different positions, just comes to Canada.

Canada is well known for its beauty with several music festivals. Among these festivals, Cetic Colours will not put you down because Celtic Colours is one of the most famous music festivals in Canada.

Celtic Colours International Festival is annually held on October 9-17 in Cape Breton Island. The musical culture of Cape Breton Island is internationally famous for its lively spirit and passion. The traditional music of Cape Breton Island has been celebrated for decades in Nova Scotia, but gradually, the rest of the world is coming to love it too.

Let’s music hold your hands 2

The festival attracts hundreds of musicians from all over the world and ten of thousands visitors from over 24 countries. Especially, over 300 Celtic musicians, storytellers, singers and dancers travel from as far away as Scotland and Ireland to show their talent and participate in the festival.

The Celtic Colours International Festival presents dozens of concerts all over the island, an extensive line-up of hundreds of community cultural events workshops, a visual art series of exhibitions, and a nightly Festival Club.

The interesting condition of this festival is the autumn- romantic season. You can listen the melody of love, truthfulness, friendship… while the leaves are turning their colours from green to yellow, red. Your destination is full of spectacular scenery and your minds are free from sorrow or bad mood.

Let’s music hold your hands 3

The most popular features of Celtic Colours is Festival Club. Located at the Gaelic College in St. Ann’s, the Festival Club opens as the evening concerts are closing. This is an opportunity for artists to perform in a more informal way. They dance, sing, chat, drink and make friend together through the night.

Moreover, workshops, offered in many aspects of Celtic and Gaelic culture, allow visitors and residents alike to get the hands-on experience they desire. Host community around the island presents workshops in Gaelic language and song, components of tradition, instrument instruction and traditional dance, as well as offering cultural tours, ceilidhs and a lecture series. They also organize an extensive array of community events including meals and dances.

Let’s music hold your hands 4

Celtic Colours International Festival is recognized as a world-class event, locally, nationally and internationally.  Celtic Colours won the 2011 Cultural Tourism award and the 2007 Event of the Year award from the Tourism Industry Association of Canada. The event has received four East Coast Music Awards for Event of the Year, (2005-2008), and was named American Bus Association’s Top Event in Canada and Attractions Canada’s Top Cultural Event in 2001.

In recent years, Cape Breton Island has also been recognized by Conde Nast Magazine, National Geographic Traveler and Travel and Leisure Magazine as among the top travel destinations in the world. The Celtic Colours International Festival is also recognized as an Canadian Signature Experience.